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.NET SDK File Reference

Upload (httpContext, fileRoute, options)

Returns: Object

Method used to upload file to the specified location on disk.


  • httpContext

    All the HTTP specific information for the HTTP request.

    Type: HttpContext

  • fileRoute

    The server route where the file will be uploaded. This route must be public to be accessed by the editor.

    Type: String

  • options

    This parameter is optional. It can be used to pass custom options for the file upload. All available options are described below. Short example:

    FroalaEditor.FileOptions options = new FroalaEditor.FileOptions
      Fieldname = "myFile",
      Validation = new FroalaEditor.FileValidation(yourCustomValidationFunction)

    Type: FileOptions

options parameter:

  • Fieldname

    Tag name that points to the file.

    Type: String
  • Validation

    Specified the allowed image extensions and mimetypes.

    Type: FileValidation
    /// Allowed file validation default extensions.
    public static string[] AllowedFileExtsDefault = new string[] { "txt", "pdf", "doc" };
    /// Allowed file validation default mimetypes.
    public static string[] AllowedFileMimetypesDefault = new string[] { "text/plain", "application/msword", "application/x-pdf", "application/pdf" };


If the upload is completed successfully, the method returns an object with the absolute path to the uploaded file. If an error occurs, the method throws an exception.

  return Json(FroalaEditor.File.Upload(System.Web.HttpContext.Current, uploadPath));
catch (Exception e)
  return Json(e);

Delete (filePath)

Method used to delete an file from disk. Throws an exception if an error occurs.


  • filePath

    The server file path.

    Type: String

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