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Save Plugin

Enables AJAX saving of the content inside the editor, and you can set the editor to autosave the content and no worries then about data loss, Our rich text editor automatically makes a save request to your server as the user types.

Plugin options:

Number -
Time in milliseconds that defines when the autosave should be triggered. Setting a higher interval helps prevent request overload on the server. The autosave will be triggered only if the content was changed from the last interval. Setting the value to 0 will disable autosave.
Note: It is not recommended to use values lower than 2000ms in order to prevent overload.

Default: 10000
String -
The HTTP save request type.

Default: 'POST'
String -
The name of the parameter which contains the rich text editor's content on the save request.

Default: 'body'
Object -
Additional parameters passed to the save request.

Default: {}
String -
The URL where the save request is being made. The editor will initialize a HTTP request to the specified URL passing the editor's content in the body parameter of the HTTP request.

Default: null

Plugin methods:

save.force ()
returns: Object
Force a save request at the end of the current autosave interval. ()
returns: Object
Initializes a save request to the URL specified by the saveURL option.
save.reset ()
returns: Object
Restore the force request at the end of the current autosave interval.

Plugin events:

save.after (data)
Triggered after the save request.
● data
The returned data from the save request
save.before (html)
Triggered before doing the save request. If a string is returned, the new string will be used as the saved content.
Note: Returning false in the handler assigned to the event will cancel the current action.

● html
The HTML to save.
save.error (error, response)
Triggered when an error occurs during save request.

● error
The description of the error that happened during the save request.
● response
The original response from the server.

Add Plugin to your code:

Plugin name: save

Plugin JS Script: ../js/plugins/save.min.js

Or from CDN

Plugin CSS link: