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Code View Plugin

Enables view and edit of the HTML code behind the content.

Code view button is displayed by default under the More Misc menu

Plugin options:

Array - Default: ["fullscreen"]
A list of buttons to keep active while the editor is in Code View mode.

Plugin methods:

codeView.isActive ()
returns: Boolean
Find if code view mode is active.
codeView.get ()
returns: String
Get the HTML edited inside the code view mode.
codeView.toggle ()
returns: Object
Toggle between the code and text view.

Plugin events:

codeView.update ()
Triggered when the code view is changed

Add Plugin to your code:

Plugin name: codeView

Plugin JS Script: ../js/plugins/code_view.min.js

Or from CDN[email protected]/js/plugins/code_view.min.js

Plugin CSS link: ../css/plugins/code_view.min.css

Plugin CSS link[email protected]/css/plugins/code_view.min.css