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Node.JS SDK S3 Reference

getHash (config, callback)

Method used to compute the hash for the javascript editor's imageUploadToS3 option.


  • config

    Configuration object for the Amazon S3 signature.

    Type: Object

  • callback

    The S3Hash that needs to be passed to the javascript editor if you want to upload an image or a file to Amazon S3.

    Type: S3Hash

config parameter:

  • bucket

    The name of your bucket.

    Type: String
  • region

    S3 region. If you are using the default us-east-1, it this can be ignored.

    Type: String
  • keyStart

    The folder where to upload the images.

    Type: String
  • acl

    File access permission. E.g. 'public-read'

    Type: String
  • accessKey

    Your Amazon access key.

    Type: String
  • secretKey

    Your Amazon secret key.

    Type: String