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3rd Party Integration


MathType is the leading formula editor and equation writer used by K-12 and university STEM students and faculty worldwide, developed by Wiris.MathType provides a user-friendly interface as well as professional and high quality math formulas. These are some of the key features of MathType’s plugin for Froala: - Wide range of symbols and mathematical expressions
- Handwriting recognition
- Right to left language support (arabic)
- Accessibility
- Latex support
- Support for chemical symbols and formulas (ChemType)

Start typing or handwriting math equations and chemical formulas in Froala with MathType!

To integrate the Wirils plugin on your website there are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. Download the latest Froala Editor version and also the latest MathType version.
  2. Go to MathType website and follow the stpes that are specific for your environment.

1. Install the MathType for Froala npm module:
npm install @wiris/amthtype-froala3
2. Load the module into your project:
 <script src="node_modules/@wiris/mathtype-froala3/wiris.js.x/script"></script>
3. Update Froala configuration options:
// From FroaLa 'Get started' section
new FroalaEditor('.selector' {
// Add MathType and ChemType buttons to the toolbar and the image menu:
toolbar: ['wirisEditor', 'wirisChemistry'],
imageEditButtons: ['wirisEditor','wirisChemistry'],
// ALLow aLL tags, in order to aLLow MathML:
htmlAllowedTags: [' .* '],
htmlAllowedAttrs: [' .* '],
// ALLow empty tags on these next eLements for proper formuLa rendering:
htmlAllowedEmptyTags: ['mprescripts', 'none'],
// In case you are using a different FroaLa editor Language than defauLt,
// Language: 'es',
// You can choose the Language for the MathType editor, too:
// @see: ies
// mathTypeParameters: {
// editorParameters: { Language: 'es' },