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Image Plugin

Enables advanced image editing, browse or paste a URL to insert an image, Drag & drop images to reposition them, click to resize, change their alignment, make them links, replace or delete them.

Add Plugin to your code:

Plugin name: image

Plugin JS Script: ../js/plugins/image.min.js

Or from CDN[email protected]/js/plugins/image.min.js

Plugin CSS link: ../css/plugins/image.min.css

Plugin CSS link[email protected]/css/plugins/image.min.css

Plugin API:

Plugin options
Plugin methods
Plugin events

Storing files on your server:
To store images on your server you should read about the image upload/delete concept or you can use one of our server side SDKs that we implemented to help ease the editor's integration with your server.


● Custom Image Button
● Image styles
● Init on image