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Froala Design Framework: Elevate Your Web Design Game

3 Top-Selling Admin Dashboard Templates for Your Project

Nowadays, there is an obvious challenge in choosing an admin dashboard template among the thousands of themes available online. Therefore, you should look for a well-designed, feature-rich, and easy-to-use template.
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A group of professionals discussing around a computer with Froala's logo on the screen.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About A TinyMCE

The demand for TinyMCE has expanded rapidly as more companies realize they need sophisticated text editors. For a long time, many people have believed that TinyMCE is the best WYSIWYG
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A smartphone displaying design blocks, surrounded by macarons and flowers on a pink surface.

5 Examples of Successful Bootstrap Designs

A website is the front door of your business. It is where the marketing of your digital products and services takes place. When they visit a page, most viewers expect
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170 Responsive Bootstrap Design Blocks Project Has Over 13000 GitHub Stars

10 Projects to Improve Your Bootstrap Design Skills

With new frameworks dropping left and right, web developers have a lot of catching up to do. Although dragging and dropping content onto a web template has never been easier,
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A device screen showing the Froala Editor interface, focusing on modern web development.

A Beginners Guide To HTML Editor Online

The hypertext meta-language, or HTML for short, is the essential building block that powers every web application, whether it’s a small and simple webpage or a large web service.  An
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A man using Froala rich text editor

The Advanced Guide to A Rich Text Editor

A rich text editor, also known as a WYSIWYG HTML editor, is a handy tool for web developers. They show you exactly how your web page will look in a
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A developer's workspace, symbolizing coding and software development.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Bootstrap Designs?

If you want to make the most of your web design, then it’s time to hop on the Bootstrap bandwagon. With Bootstrap you can search for content blocks from all
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10 Bootstrap Design Blocks To Turbocharge Any Site

10 Bootstrap Design Blocks To Turbocharge Any Site

Froala Design Blocks is a set of 170 different pre-built Bootstrap design blocks that you can drop onto any website to freshen up its look. The design blocks use the
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A developer working on a computer, representing the focus and skill involved in software development.

Thousands Of Customers Find Success With Froala Editor

Froala is one of the smartest and most beautiful products on the inline HTML editor market. It aims to revolutionize the web domain with its next-generation WYSIWYG editing. As a
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5 Ways To Boost JavaScript Developer Productivity

5 Ways To Boost JavaScript Developer Productivity

We live in a fast-paced digital world.  Because of this, businesses are under great pressure not only to introduce great products to their market space but to do it in
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Up your game with Froala Design blocks bootstrap pricing layouts

7 Pricing Bootstrap Layouts To Take Your SaaS

Most SaaS companies already use a subscription model to sell their software solutions online. This is because subscriptions allow them to convey the value of their products to potential customers
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A developer's workspace, symbolizing coding and software development.

How To Quickly Build A SaaS Website With Bootstrap

For someone looking at your amazing and new SaaS product from the outside, your website and the information is your first impression. Consumers, partners, and angel investors all look for
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170 Responsive Bootstrap Design Blocks Project Has Over 13000 GitHub Stars

170 Responsive Bootstrap Design Blocks: 13K+ GitHub Stars

The Froala Editor is a lightweight next-generation WYSIWYG HTML Editor. It is also an editor that developers can easily integrate into their applications. Froala is written in JavaScript and enables
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7 visually stunning bootstrap Froala Design Block layouts to highlight your team

7 Visually Stunning Bootstrap Layouts To Highlight Your Team

For someone who is looking at your brand new product offering from the outside, the team behind the execution is important. Your digital presence is almost as important as your
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Highlight Your Best Features Fast With These Feature Page Templates

Best Features Fast With Bootstrap Feature Page Templates

Pretty much every software product or service depends on some key modules partitioned into well-defined features. These features are, more or less, the backbone of any software suite or service.
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Stunning Testimonial Pages That Highlight Your Customers Successes

Bootstrap Testimonials: Highlight Your Clients’ Success

Testimonial pages are a great way to showcase your customer successes to the visitors of your website. They help your potential future customers to judge the credibility of your product
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Mockup of a laptop displaying a web design interface, focusing on user experience design.

Bootstrap Page Builder With Your JavaScript Apps

The easy-to-use  Froala page builder dashboard empowers its users with an intuitive UI that gives them the flexibility to edit and design custom web pages. The page builder features different
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Beautiful Bootstrap Pricing Pages

6 Powerful Bootstrap Pricing Page Ideas For Ramping Sales

Whether your company prefers to use premium or freemium pricing models for your service offerings, how you price your product, and how you present your pricing matters. That’s why your
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6 Subscribe Forms That Could Help Increase Conversions

6 Beautiful Bootstrap Subscription Pages

Subscriptions are a great way to gauge consumer traction and how much customers want to use your product. Subscription pages are now used for almost every product or service to
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Design concept showcasing various web design elements and layouts.

Bootstrap Call to Action Pages: 5 Powerful Examples

Using Bootstrap Call to Action pages is one of the key strategies that businesses use to engage customers and gain customer traction. They do exactly what you might think from
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Thumbnail of a document collaboration tool, emphasizing teamwork and efficiency in document editing.

Styling Your Froala HTML Editor

Everything these days can be customized to fit your unique needs and software is no exception! The Froala Editor can be easily tailored to carry your specific brand image. This
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Promoting the upgrade to Froala Pages Pro, with details and a call-to-action button

Froala Pages: Your Favorite Page Builder is now a FREE Tool!

Froala Pages, the easy to use design and editing tool for building beautiful websites and web apps just got even better! We are now offering Froala Pages as a FREE
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Three women joggers looking at their phones on different web browsers with the title design and editing tools above.

Experience the Power of Froala with Free Editing and Design Tools

The Froala team strives hard to provide the best experiences for creating beautiful web content. While you might be familiar with the Froala WYSIWYG Editor and Froala Pages products, we
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Browser image showing a web page being edited with six modules for images and text.

Froala Pages: Your JavaScript Page Builder

Our Vision Our vision has always been to push the boundaries of web editing even further. We are constantly challenging the evolution of WYSIWYG editors, which is why the Froala
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Froala page template with the company logo at the top right and a wave of colors on the bottom left.

Froala Design Blocks – One Week Insights

Design and UX have always been at the core of the Froala WYSIWYG Editor. Now, we are excited we had the chance to create an open environment for web design
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A laptop sitting on a living room coffee table displaying the Froala Design fast website design with blocks page.

Our new product: Design Blocks

Today we have some announcements to make and it’s not only about launching a new product. Yes, we have the Froala Design Blocks in beta testing, but it’s not actually
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Displaying a bold, graphic web design with a mix of text and images.

Hello, personal website! Goodbye, CV!

I’ve been hating CVs as far as I can remember. They look so ordinary, so stiff. I mean, isn’t it time to differentiate yourself from the competition when applying to
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A zoomed in photograph of an Apple Computers monitor and an iPhone resting on it.

Your website needs to be responsive!

Dad’s computer with a huge monitor, my 13 inch laptop, grandma’s tiny smartphone, my cousin’s tablet, oh and let’s not forget about my girlfriend’s phablet (yes, this is a phone
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A hand with painted nail polish pressing a mechanical pencil onto a piece of grid paper.

Best tools for creating your logo

Logo is an important part of every business identity and getting the right tool for it is not easy at all. Also, the logo is one of the first things
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Two hands holding a photograph of a lake with tall dry grass and a distant mountain side.

Design trends in 2017

The design world was on fire lately as more organizations became design-centric and concepts like “design thinking” took off. So, let’s face it, design is a primordial aspect for your
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A sticky notes with the words be curious written on it and a large red thumbtack.

The new Froala Design Framework

I always love to sneak a peek now and then, and I suppose most of you are like me. So let’s do it one more time and check out how
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Collage of web page design elements like page headers and subscription buttons.

Download Froala Design Framework

Today is the day to download the Froala Design Framework and take it for a spin for free. Yes, that’s right, I said download and test for free, and I’m
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Featuring a creative and vibrant web design with unique graphics.

Mobile First

For as long as web designers can remember their projects were always about building a desktop website. Anyway, there were no smartphones or tablets at the beginning of the Internet,
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Thumbnail showcasing a blog post with a focus on sleek, professional web design.

Material Design: Another Face of Flat Design

When we all got used to Flat Design BOOM! something new jumped in. Or at least this is how it seemed. But is this something really new? It’s called Material
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Small image of a blog post highlighting a colorful, intricate web design template

Flat Design: Past and Future

Flat design has come a long way in the past few years. From possibility in 2012 to a world wide trend in 2014. Will it become the new standard in
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Silhouette of a woman with their hands up and colorful balloons flying in the sky above.

Congrats to the Winners

The contest has ended. What was it about? We were giving away 10 free websites to those that bring us more subscribers. So the top ten with most referrals are
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A man out in the sun with a blue sky above him and his hands reached out.

Win a Free Website

Believe it or not, we’re giving away 10 free websites on the first day of our launch. Ten of our subscribers will win the chance of creating a website for
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